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The ‘Lovebomb’ lands at Atomica! Plus its creators Wendy Meakin and Daisuke Sakaguci join us on Soho Radio for ArtBeat #5.

If you have visited Atomica recently you will have noticed a stunning new addition to the gallery: The Love Bomb! A collaboration between C4 ‘Four Rooms’ dealer Wendy Meakin and artist Daisuke Sakaguchi, aka THE 27 LIFE, The Love Bomb is a 1960’s British military test bomb that has been transformed into a beautiful symbol of peace.




After purchasing the bomb on ‘Four Rooms’ Wendy approached Daisuke, her student over a decade ago at Central Saint Martins, and the pair came up with a poignant design concept to completely transform the bomb. Known for his distinctive Japanese Tattoo motifs Sakaguchi hand-painted it incorporating traditional Japanese symbols of Love including an octopus and a peach. Once a military memento, the bomb has now taken on a new lease of life; an embodiment of the message infamously advocated by Yoko Ono, ‘Love against Hate’.




“It is my hope that one will stop and think about bombs, their indiscriminate power and what an efficient killing device humans’ have created, we are in this together. Love and peace require patience, empathy, and the ability to sit and talk with those who have diametrically opposed ideologies.” Wendy Meakin

“I am against war and that this bomb had no functional use other than a reminder of what it was once used for…similar bombs like this one, 20,000 of them were dropped on Iraq in one night. We wanted to take a symbol of hate and turn into love. As an artist I feel like I had the opportunity to resurrect it and turn in to something completely unique.” Daisuke Sakaguchi




Wendy and Daisuke also joined us as special guests on our monthly Soho Radio show ArtBeat! We had a great time with them in the studio chatting about The Love Bomb and playing a few of our favorite love songs. Listen to ArtBeat #5 here: http://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/artbeat-2102014/

The Love Bomb will be on display at Atomica Gallery until 30th October 2014. For information regarding acquisition contact sales@atomicagallery.com

‘Home Sweet Home’ opening night video & photos

Our current exhibition ‘Home Sweet Home’, joint solos from artists Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson, runs until 11th September – so you have just under two weeks to come along and check it out if you haven’t already! Thanks to everyone who made it along to the opening reception, it was another top night at the gallery with lots of sangria and great tunes from DJ Gary the Tall. 

Here is the brilliant ‘Home Sweet Home’ opening night video, shot and edited by Mike of Video Arcade Productions. We love Mike’s videos so much and this one is super-cool!

Mike also took some photos of the night, see them over on our Facebook page.



‘Home Sweet Home’: Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson joint solo exhibition

We have a brilliant new show opening at the gallery this week! ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a joint solo exhibition of new paintings from Angela Dalinger (Germany) and Nicholas Stevenson (UK). Since discovering each other online, the pair have become virtual friends with a massive appreciation for the the other’s artwork. Keen to collaborate, they came up with a concept for an exhibition that offers viewers a snatched glimpse into a series of imaginary homes, allowing us to indulge in our voyeuristic inclinations… Working on their paintings individually but from shared ideas, the result is a delightful show of surreal and spooky abodes full of intriguing characters and unexpected scenes. A total visual treat!  

To whet your appetite for the show, we asked Angela and Nicholas to explain the thinking behind some of their works…


angela_dalinger_dead_giant 72dpi

Angela Dalinger: “The Dead Giant”

For this painting, I simply started with the background and a plan to paint two houses on it. When I had finished the garden, I wanted to paint someone dead or bleeding in it. The figure became accidentally way too big, so I thought I either had to make the other people too big too, or make the dead person a giant. I’m always afraid I’ll paint people too big and they won’t fit through their doors. Thats how this painting came together.


nicolas_stevenson_oh_no_mr_mclaughlin 72dpi

Nicholas Stevenson: “Oh No! Mr McLaughlin…”

This was an intuitively painted piece, planning as I went. I painted the building, and the children at the window, then the bushes and their long shadows. I knew they had to be looking at something outside, so then this pathetic and endearing old man who fell over appeared… I’ve been laughing at him ever since, poor guy. He may get his own children’s book one day.


Angela Dalinger_Invitation For Dinner

Angela Dalinger: “Invitation For Dinner”

I started this with the idea of a table scene, pretty often there are self-portraits in my paintings, I’m the one with the blue cardigan. I wanted to express uncomfortableness in the people’s faces sitting on the left side.


nicolas_stevenson_stop_in_the_name_of_love 72dpi

Nicholas Stevenson: “Stop in the Name of Love”

When Angela and I were discussing ideas, she mentioned that she was working on a brothel scene, and I’d just drawn a man trying to swat a giant insect. It was then that I envisioned an insect rent boy. He has a little bow-tie if you look closely.


Angel Dalinger_Bad Habits

Angela Dalinger: “Bad Habits”

This painting was inspired by a YouTube video with the same scene.


nicolas_stevenson_ghost does dishes 72dpi

Nicholas Stevenson: “Ghost Does Dishes”

I’ve been scared and fascinated by house ghosts ever since I once woke up to see a man in white sports gear peeing in the corner of my room at university. He disappeared as soon I slapped the light switch on. Admittedly I was coming off of some anti-malaria medication, which stated hallucinations as a side effect, but nevertheless, the idea of ghosts invisibly doing mundane, everyday tasks in our homes has both tickled and disturbed me.


‘Home Sweet Home’: Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson joint solo exhibition
14th August – 11th September 2014
Atomica Gallery, 29 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9AP

Mon-Fri: 12pm-6pm
Sat: 12pm-5pm
Sun: 12pm-4pm

Opening Reception Thursday 14th August, 6-9pm

rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/289176981285744




Atomica Gallery presents Nick Sheehy: ‘Metamorphosis’ opening night video & photos

Thanks to everyone who

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came along to the opening night for Nick Sheehy’s debut solo exhibition Metamorphosis! A selection of photos are now up on our Facebook page here! A big thanks to Andy Gosling who took the snaps, Huber Beer for kindly supplying the beers, our amazing DJs Gary, Jody, Myia and Jemma and of course congratulations to the artist Nick Sheehy who has created a truly incredible show!

Check out the opening night video below! Yet another gem from Mike at Video Arcade Productions, who has captured the night perfectly. Thanks Mike!

Femke Hiemstra ‘Œuf Surprise’ EXCLUSIVE limited edition print!

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Derek Yaniger Q&A

American artist Derek Yaniger’s vibrant work depicts a golden era populated with loads of the cool stuff we love here at Atomica; beatniks, hot rods, Tiki gods and the Las Vegas high life! A staple of the lowbrow scene and beyond, the daddy-o of retro-inspired illustration has created art from everyone to Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network, to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend and even designed tiki mugs for Tiki Farm. Derek was one of the first artists who got on board with Atomica and it has been an honour to have his awesome work on show in the gallery right from the get-go!

You can

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currently see Derek’s original painting ‘Say When’ here at Atomica as part of our anniversary group show ‘Vision Quest’ up until May 18th 2014…not to be missed! He also recently illustrated ‘Kiddie Cocktails’, the latest title from our pals over at Korero Press. ‘Kiddie Cocktails’ is a joyful book full of the coolest hooch-free cocktail recipes under the sun and the launch takes place here on Thursday 15th May 2014. It’s going to be a blast!

We caught up with Derek to ask him a few questions and take a peek inside that wild and wacky creative mind of his…



Hi Derek! First up, you have a piece in our current exhibition Vision Quest called ‘Say When’ – can you tell us a little bit about it?

I dig pink elephants….like, the MOST! They fit perfectly in that “kiddie cute meets raunchy adult” vibe that flips my switches so very much!

You also sent us some beautiful sketches, so cool to see how you plan a piece – can you explain your process?

Draw, draw and then draw…..and after a short snack break, draw some more! Sometimes an idea just rolls outta my coconut with very little scratchin needed….but then other times I gotta work n rework a scribble a whole heap of times before she speaks to me. Last minute changes to a piece are a drag so I wanna have it completely worked out in the sketch phase before I even ponder about color or technique.

Derek Process Say When


People love the fun references in your work and the world you create – can you tell us a bit about what inspires you?

I grew up in the 60’s so I was surrounded by a whole mess of crazy art from the 50’s and 60s….Mad Magazine, Rat Fink Models, My Dad’s Jazz albums, Me Mum’s recipe books, my dad’s bartop knick knacks….I had no idea at the time, but I was soakin up all the influences like a hungry sponge! Many moons later, after scribblin’ for Marvel and Cartoon Network and not really diggin it all that much, I started dumpin out all those memories from my snot-nosed days! I was finally dancin to the beat of my own bongos and I never looked back, Jack! To this day when I run across a vintage image that I’ve never eyeballed before I still feel like a spoiled kid on Christmas morn!

Tell us a little bit about the Kiddie Cocktails book – how did you get involved?

My biz partner of many years, Stuart Sandler had been dronin’ on endlessly about this damned book idea he had so just to shut him up I said I’d do it!

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Now he owes me a book….Payback, she is an evil eye-gougin’ mistress ain’t she? I am really proud of what we did with the book….I think she’s a peach!!

What is your favorite cocktail from the book?

If I drank any of ’em I’d probably stroke out!…..I’ll stick with gin n’ corn squeezins. Artwise, It’s a dead heat for favorite….either Cherry Bomb, Dreamsicle, or Virgin Mary…..I think I’m kinda leanin towards Dreamsicle. Somethin’ about that one just does me in!



We know you are a tiki fan and have designed several tikis mugs – we are currently experiencing a bit of a tiki revival in the UK which is great! What appeals to you about tiki culture and why?

That is great!…..Unlike any other retro theme that I dig, Tiki has it all! The music, the crazy booze drinks, the hideous tikis, the wild wahines, the nutty threads! Every damn thing that I dig about mid-century lives in bamboo huts filled with tiki nuts! Now let me put you wise….I loves all them other themes ( Rockabilly, Hot Rod, Burlesque, Lounge, Jazz, Beatnik, Cocktail ) just as much, it’s just that it all seems to come together in the wild world of Tiki….ya dig me?

Lastly, what is up next for Derek?!

Lots of new stuff stewin on the stove! Kiddie Cocktail book release…A gallery exclusive print release at the Hukilau this Summer…New show print release and Kiddie Cocktail book signing at the Tiki Oasis in August…New serigraphs

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and other nutty surprises for Mr. Retro and Atlanta’s DragonCon in September…A new Tiki Farm mug…A whole batch of new paintings for my upcomin’ Outre show in Australia this Oct…I’ve been hoppin’ like my jeans are full of jumpin’ beans!!

Cheers Derek!

Now in Covent Garden!

Just in case you haven’t already heard, we have now moved to a beautiful brand new location at

Expecting curls wasted house canadian pharmacy Dark: and with cheap pharmacy a bit hair – Distributors brands!

29 Shorts Gardens in Seven Dials, Covent Garden!



We’ve got loads of awesome stuff planned at our new digs; our huge one-year anniversary group show being one of them! Vision Quest will open on 17th April, and features stunning original work from many Atomica artists.

We’re also holding a launch for Derek Yaniger and his best bud Stuart Sandler’s latest book Kiddie Cocktails in May, in

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association with the awesome Korero Press.



Plus an incredible solo show from Nick Sheehy AKA Showchicken and loads more exhibitions and launches throughout 2014.

We’ll still be keeping you on your toes with our usual range of unique and affordable framed prints, ceramics & collectibles, books & magazines and original work,

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plus loads of brand new prints and some exciting extra additions to our artist roster.

Atomica Gallery and The Circle present Everyone’s Got One: A Skull Showcase


We’re very excited to announce our next

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event Everyone’s Got One: A Skull Showcase, in collaboration with our friends The Circle! Taking place in the beautiful gallery space at tattoo studio and lifestyle emporium The Circle in Soho and featuring work from a selection of Atomica artists, the showcase will focus on one of popular culture’s most iconic images: the skull.

As well as lots of amazing skull artwork and ceramics, a selection of artists have created exclusive skull tattoo flash designs which will be available at The Circle for the duration of the showcase! The flash sheet artwork will also be up for grabs as a special limited edition print.

The opening night party is on Thursday 27th February and also happens to coincide with The Circle’s two year anniversary; it’s gonna be a big one! Join us from 7-10pm at The Circle to check out the show, have a few drinks kindly supplied by The Kraken Rum and maybe even walk away with a brand new skull tattoo! For more

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details please see the Facebook event or rsvp@atomicagallery.com

Artwork from – Castro Smith / Charlie Immer / Cil Laurens / Dan Holliday / Luke Thomas / Nick Sheehy / Ramon Maiden / Tom Bagshaw Plus:

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ceramics and glass skulls from Bespoke Barware

Tattoo flash designs from – Cil Laurens / Jack Pearce / Mister Paterson / Nick Sheehy / Rebecca Vincent / Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooers on the night – Aaron Goswell / Jethro Wood / Rebecca Vincent and a guest

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spot by Mister Paterson

+ Join Facebook Event


Atomica Gallery presents Ricardo Cavolo: ‘Life & Lives’ Opening Night Video

2013 was an amazing year

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for Atomica! One of our highlights without a doubt was Ricardo Cavolo’s debut UK solo show ‘Life and Lives’, which took place at our Soho pop-up on Berwick Street throughout December. The opening night was a total smash; a big thanks to everyone who can down for the first peek of the show and to our friends at Red Stripe Lager for kindly supplying the beers.

Ultra talented Mike Prior from Video Arcade Productions has produced another brilliant opening night video, which sums up the night perfectly. Check it out below!

If you didn’t get a chance to catch ‘Life and Lives’ in December, we still have a selection of the work available at the gallery and the full catalogue can be viewed on our website here: http://www.atomicagallery.com/artists/ricardocavolo/

Q&A with Dominique Holmes and Mister Paterson

Covering Synthesis, the dual solo exhibitions from British artists and tattooers Dominique Holmes and Mister Paterson, is currently on display at Atomica Soho until 30th November 2013. Dominique’s intricate mixed-media work is saturated with references to Eastern culture and bustling with beautifully psychedelic symbolism. Paterson’s distinct style involves painstakingly inking black dots onto paper to create striking deities. We caught up with Dominique and Paterson to ask them a few questions about the show…

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the exhibition…

Dominique: Mister Paterson and I had been talking about doing an exhibition together pretty much for the past decade, and were really just waiting for the right time and opportunity to come along. Our work individually as artists has evolved a lot over the years, which I felt was quite fitting when we realised we were both working on rather disassembled and abstracted styles, and that as different as they were aesthetically, there were a lot of common themes we were both drawn to that appeared throughout. On a personal level, my work for Covering Synthesis is a bit of a culmination of years of studying and recreating themes from Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and Islamic art and theory in my tattoo and art works, merging different symbolism from these ancient cultures and creating a modern aesthetic with them.

Paterson: My inspiration comes from a love of iconic religious imagery and the power it evokes. I also wanted to bring what I do on skin to paper and show the connection between the two mediums.

Dom profile


What is your working process?

Dominique: I start with an idea of what narrative or meaning I want to work with – my paintings all represent and include symbols of life, death, faith etc – and then I research different symbols which represent these things in different cultures. I have a vast collection of vintage

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fabrics, papers and found objects, from which I create a base and background on a canvas to create an overall colour palette and feel for the image. Again, I pick colours which have a

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resonance with the story behind the piece, and often I try to fit the origin of the symbols with the origin of the collage material – antique kimono fabric for a Japanese themed story, for example. From there I build on my central piece, adding textures to the overall image towards the end to create either softness, or fragility, or harshness to the feel.

Paterson: Solitude and music are essential when I work so my headphones are never far away. I’m easily distracted and so having a way to shut myself off from the outside world is vital. I like to work on my drawing board but always with it flat and not at an angle plus I have to be comfy as it’s incredibly laborious work. I tend to create playlists to work to and find that listening to certain kinds of music really gets me motivated.

Dom install 1


What is your favourite piece in the exhibition?

Dominique: My favourite piece is actually one of the collaboration pieces – the Anatomical Heart with the eye/pear in the centre. I can’t even explain what it is about that one, but it was hugely enjoyable to make and I love the overall aesthetic.

Paterson: I’m going to answer both questions by saying the collaboration pieces. I know Dom had to do the lions share of

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these pieces and I want to say that it’s her creativity and eye that brought what we do together in a way that worked. Of course there are pieces of my own work that I feel satisfied with, but the collaboration pieces mean the most to me as they symbolise the realisation of a longstanding dream. We have talked about exhibiting work together for a long time and ultimately my friendship with Dom and doing this with her means more to me than anything else.

dom and scott

What would you like to achieve next?

Dominique: I would like to be able to dedicate more time to my painting, but at the same time I have plans for a second book next year, as well as expanding my jewelry line with Black Pearl Boutique, and I have a lot of exciting new tattoo projects… so I’ll have to manage my time very carefully! Mister Paterson and I also discussed the possibility of collaborating on some mixed media and installation projects, so hopefully we’ll have time to start on that!

Paterson: I’ve been very inspired seeing Dom’s work and I’d like to go back to painting more and maybe creating some work that has a looser feel albeit with a strong dotwork element to it still. I don’t want to lose my identity but I think my work could become stale if I stick to a certain formula. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of exhibiting work and hope to do so again in the not too distant future.


Do you have any art heroes or inspirations?

Dominique: It’s probably a bit obscure but I’ve always been a huge fan of Marcel Duchamp as an artist and innovator; he changed the shape of modern art and how people perceive it. I’ve also always been inspired by Mark Rothko’s huge coloured canvases and Richard Hamilton’s collage pieces. Other than that I’m mostly inspired by Tibetan art, Comic books and antique fabric prints. And Ernst Haeckel, he is kind of the main one!

Paterson: I’m the first to admit that I get too influenced by other artists sometimes so I try not to look too hard. It’s very easy to see something and want to emulate it and then you end up with a watered down version. I’m not trying to force anything but it’s important to find your own path. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the work of other artists, far from it, I just have to be careful of where the inspiration comes from. Like picking your favourite song, my favourite artists change from week to week. My current list would include Mike Giant, Ramon Maiden, Travis Louie, Craola and a whole heap of tattoo artists.

scott install

Covering Synthesis, the dual solo exhibitions from British artists and tattooers Dominique Holmes and Mister Paterson, is currently on display at Atomica Soho until 30th November 2013.

Atomica Gallery presents: Mister Paterson & Dominique Holmes ‘Covering Synthesis’ Opening Night Video

Check out the ‘Covering Synthesis’ opening night video. Thanks to Mike Prior at Video Arcade Productions for an ace, super hepped-up vid! ‘Covering Synthesis’ the dual solo shows by Mister Paterson and


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Dominique Holmes are open at our Soho pop-up until the 30th of November.

Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce ‘Bromance’ opening night video

Check out our video from the ‘Bromance’ opening

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night last Thursday at Atomica Soho! Another amazing launch and another amazing film from our pal Mike Prior at Video Arcade Productions. Check it out!

Jack Pearce’s debut solo show ‘Bromance’ is open at our Soho

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pop-up until the 25th of October, come by to say hello and see the show before then if you haven’t had a chance already!

Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce ‘Bromance’ opening night

Thanks to all who came down to our Soho pop-up last Thursday for the opening night of Jack Pearce’s debut solo exhibition ‘Bromance’! It was an amazing night and a great chance for us to meet our new neighbours in Soho and everybody who turned up to check out Jack’s awesome Indian ink dudes.

With the huge wall mural complete and the entire lower floor of the

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gallery dedicated to

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Jack’s impressive A1

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pieces, the exhibition is one not to miss. Congrats to Jack for an awesome show.

A special thanks to Red Stripe for kindly supplying the beers, Dylan for the tunes and our good friend Mike Prior of Video Arcade for these photos and soon to be launched video of the night. Look out for that on Friday! Hope you enjoy checking out these photos and if you didn’t get a chance to join us at the opening, don’t fear, the show will run until 25th October here at our Soho Pop Up, 75 Berwick St. Soho, London, W1F 8TG.


View more on Facebook

Atomica Gallery presents Dominique Holmes & Mister Paterson: ‘Covering Synthesis’



Today we are very excited to announce our

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next exhibition of original work: ‘Covering Synthesis’, the dual solo shows from super-talented British artists and good friends Dominique Holmes and Mister Paterson.

You may know the pair for their tattoo work, but both have spent the past few years concentrating on their fine art practice. Which has certainly been time well spent! We are very proud to be working with them on their debut shows, as their artistic talent goes far beyond tattooing… Dom creates beautifully psychedelic mixed-media canvases full of symbology, whilst Paterson painstakingly dots black ink on paper to create striking anthropomorphic animal deities.

Very different stylistically, the artists are both fascinated by the process of rearranging elements to produce unexpected outcomes; the inspiration behind ‘Covering Synthesis’.

The opening party promises to be a brilliant evening – come along and join us on Thursday 7th November at our Soho gallery for art, music and complimentary cocktails, which are being created especially for the

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by new restaurant Stripbar & Steak! Hope to see you

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If you are interested in purchasing any artwork featured in the exhibition, please register your interest with us at hello@atomicagallery.com for a preview of available work.

Join the Facebook event or RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com

+ Join Facebook Event

Atomica Gallery presents Ricardo Cavolo Portrait Workshop



Ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition at Atomica Gallery in December 2013, we are excited to announce that Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo will be hosting a portrait workshop at our Soho pop-up on Saturday 19th October 2013. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own portraits, working closely under Ricardo’s guidance.

Tattoo art is one of the principle sources of inspiration for artist Ricardo Cavolo and the topic for this unique workshop at Atomica is the tattoo portrait. By nature, the portrait invites the viewer to relate to and form a notion of the subject. In this workshop participants will go further; they will create their own symbolic vocabulary within the portrait using tattoo inspiration as a vehicle to narrate the entire life the person. Ricardo has developed a personal style of illustration and painting that has led him to work with agencies and brands as Y&R, Leo Burnett, Urban Outfitters, Pepe Jeans, Converse and Nike.

Atomica-Ricardo-Workshop-1 Atomica-Ricardo-Workshop-2

His portrait workshop at Atomica Gallery Soho will offer a unique opportunity for participants to learn from a leading contemporary artist and produce a thoughtful and creative portrait of their own.

Atomica Gallery presents Ricardo Cavolo Portrait Workshop
Saturday 19th October 11am-6pm

£30 per participant
To book a place please e-mail hello@atomicagallery.com

Atomica Gallery Soho Pop Up
75 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 8TG

Atomica to Pop Up in Soho!



Atomica is on the move again! We’re delighted to announce that we will be popping up in the heart of Soho from Saturday 28th September until Friday 25th October in a beautiful two floor space at 75 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 8TG. We love a good pop-up here at Atomica, it gives us the chance to visit different parts of London and meet a whole load of new people. Soho has always been one of our favourite haunts, brimming with tons of cool

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shops, amazing spots to eat and drink and an atmosphere like nowhere else in town, so we are beyond excited (and quite frankly honoured) to be joining the Berwick

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Street community for a whole month.

We will be giving central London a taste of Atomica with our usual range of affordable framed prints, ceramics & collectibles, books & magazines and original work, plus loads

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of brand new prints and some exciting extra additions to our artist roster so make sure to come and visit us at our Soho home.

Keep an eye on the Atomica Facebook page for news and updates on the extra special events we will be organising for the Soho space.

Saturday 28th September – Friday 25th October 2013
Atomica Gallery Soho Pop Up
75 Berwick St, Soho, London, W1F 8TG

Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink present ‘Under Her Skin’ Opening Night Video

We put together a little video of the ‘Under Her Skin’ opening night with help from our good friend Mike Prior from Video Arcade Productions. Thanks

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Mike! Check it

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Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink present ‘Under Her Skin’ Opening Night

Massive thanks to everybody who came to the opening party for ‘Under Her Skin’, in association with our good pals Things&Ink

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magazine! It was an incredible turnout and the perfect way to celebrate one year of the mag and launch of ‘The Art Issue’. Special thanks to Kraken for providing the rum, Mike for taking the

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snaps (plus soon to come video) and our lovely DJ Amy for the awesome tunes. Curated by Alice Snape, Editor of Things&Ink, Under Her Skin features artwork from 12 talented female tattoo artists who have featured in the magazine’s pages over the past year. The exhibition will run until 30th September so if you didn’t make the opening, make sure to drop in and see it before then!

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‘Mean Girls Club’ from Ryan Heshka

This big and beautiful giclée is full of sassy club-slinging sisters who you don’t wanna mess with, but you do want to take home.

Framed in a black box frame with a white mount,

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the print is a limited edition of only 25, signed and numbered by Ryan. £275 framed (77 x 46cm)

Available for purchase on our online shop or at our London Gallery. Contact sales@atomicagallery.com for more info or details.

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Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink present ‘Under Her Skin’



We’re very excited to announce our first exhibition of original work: ‘Under Her Skin’, in association with our pals Things&Ink magazine! If you’ve dropped by Atomica, you may have seen a copy of Things&Ink, a beautiful publication which reflects on

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tattoo culture from a feminine perspective. We’ve been massive fans since issue one and are delighted to be working with them on our first exhibition.

‘Under Her Skin’ has been curated by Things&Ink editor Alice Snape and marks the first anniversary of the magazine and the launch of ‘The Art Issue’. It is shaping up to be an amazing show, featuring work from 12 talented female tattoo artists who have appeared in the magazine’s pages over the past year.

Original work from :

Amy Victoria Savage (Jayne Doe, Hornchurch UK)
Angelique Houtkamp (Salon Serpent, Amsterdam NL)
Charissa Gregson (Jolie Rouge, London UK)
Dominique Holmes (The Family Business, London UK)
Grace Neutral (Good Times, London UK)
Guen Douglas (Salon Serpent, Amsterdam NL)
Iris Lys (London UK & Paris FR)
Lucy Pryor (Into You, London UK)
Rachel Baldwin (Bold As Brass, Liverpool UK)
Rebecca Vincent (Nostalgia Traditional, Leeds & The Circle, London UK)
Tracy D (King’s Cross Tattoo Parlour, London UK)
Vicky Morgan (Ghost House, Derby UK)

We will, of course, be holding an opening party to celebrate! Please join us

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at Atomica on Thursday 12th September from 6-9pm. Our friends at The Kraken Rum will be supplying free rum cocktails and all the artwork will be available to buy, along with copies of Things&Ink.

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork featured in the exhibition, please register your interest with us at hello@atomicagallery.com for a preview of available work.

Join the Facebook event or RSVP to

For it

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