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The ‘Lovebomb’ lands at Atomica! Plus its creators Wendy Meakin and Daisuke Sakaguci join us on Soho Radio for ArtBeat #5.

If you have visited Atomica recently you will have noticed a stunning new addition to the gallery: The Love Bomb! A collaboration between C4 ‘Four Rooms’ dealer Wendy Meakin and artist Daisuke Sakaguchi, aka THE 27 LIFE, The Love Bomb is a 1960’s British military test bomb that has been transformed into a beautiful symbol of peace.




After purchasing the bomb on ‘Four Rooms’ Wendy approached Daisuke, her student over a decade ago at Central Saint Martins, and the pair came up with a poignant design concept to completely transform the bomb. Known for his distinctive Japanese Tattoo motifs Sakaguchi hand-painted it incorporating traditional Japanese symbols of Love including an octopus and a peach. Once a military memento, the bomb has now taken on a new lease of life; an embodiment of the message infamously advocated by Yoko Ono, ‘Love against Hate’.




“It is my hope that one will stop and think about bombs, their indiscriminate power and what an efficient killing device humans’ have created, we are in this together. Love and peace require patience, empathy, and the ability to sit and talk with those who have diametrically opposed ideologies.” Wendy Meakin

“I am against war and that this bomb had no functional use other than a reminder of what it was once used for…similar bombs like this one, 20,000 of them were dropped on Iraq in one night. We wanted to take a symbol of hate and turn into love. As an artist I feel like I had the opportunity to resurrect it and turn in to something completely unique.” Daisuke Sakaguchi




Wendy and Daisuke also joined us as special guests on our monthly Soho Radio show ArtBeat! We had a great time with them in the studio chatting about The Love Bomb and playing a few of our favorite love songs. Listen to ArtBeat #5 here: http://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/artbeat-2102014/

The Love Bomb will be on display at Atomica Gallery until 30th October 2014. For information regarding acquisition contact sales@atomicagallery.com

‘Home Sweet Home’ opening night video & photos

Our current exhibition ‘Home Sweet Home’, joint solos from artists Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson, runs until 11th September – so you have just under two weeks to come along and check it out if you haven’t already! Thanks to everyone who made it along to the opening reception, it was another top night at the gallery with lots of sangria and great tunes from DJ Gary the Tall. 

Here is the brilliant ‘Home Sweet Home’ opening night video, shot and edited by Mike of Video Arcade Productions. We love Mike’s videos so much and this one is super-cool!

Mike also took some photos of the night, see them over on our Facebook page.



‘Home Sweet Home’: Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson joint solo exhibition

We have a brilliant new show opening at the gallery this week! ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a joint solo exhibition of new paintings from Angela Dalinger (Germany) and Nicholas Stevenson (UK). Since discovering each other online, the pair have become virtual friends with a massive appreciation for the the other’s artwork. Keen to collaborate, they came up with a concept for an exhibition that offers viewers a snatched glimpse into a series of imaginary homes, allowing us to indulge in our voyeuristic inclinations… Working on their paintings individually but from shared ideas, the result is a delightful show of surreal and spooky abodes full of intriguing characters and unexpected scenes. A total visual treat!  

To whet your appetite for the show, we asked Angela and Nicholas to explain the thinking behind some of their works…


angela_dalinger_dead_giant 72dpi

Angela Dalinger: “The Dead Giant”

For this painting, I simply started with the background and a plan to paint two houses on it. When I had finished the garden, I wanted to paint someone dead or bleeding in it. The figure became accidentally way too big, so I thought I either had to make the other people too big too, or make the dead person a giant. I’m always afraid I’ll paint people too big and they won’t fit through their doors. Thats how this painting came together.


nicolas_stevenson_oh_no_mr_mclaughlin 72dpi

Nicholas Stevenson: “Oh No! Mr McLaughlin…”

This was an intuitively painted piece, planning as I went. I painted the building, and the children at the window, then the bushes and their long shadows. I knew they had to be looking at something outside, so then this pathetic and endearing old man who fell over appeared… I’ve been laughing at him ever since, poor guy. He may get his own children’s book one day.


Angela Dalinger_Invitation For Dinner

Angela Dalinger: “Invitation For Dinner”

I started this with the idea of a table scene, pretty often there are self-portraits in my paintings, I’m the one with the blue cardigan. I wanted to express uncomfortableness in the people’s faces sitting on the left side.


nicolas_stevenson_stop_in_the_name_of_love 72dpi

Nicholas Stevenson: “Stop in the Name of Love”

When Angela and I were discussing ideas, she mentioned that she was working on a brothel scene, and I’d just drawn a man trying to swat a giant insect. It was then that I envisioned an insect rent boy. He has a little bow-tie if you look closely.


Angel Dalinger_Bad Habits

Angela Dalinger: “Bad Habits”

This painting was inspired by a YouTube video with the same scene.


nicolas_stevenson_ghost does dishes 72dpi

Nicholas Stevenson: “Ghost Does Dishes”

I’ve been scared and fascinated by house ghosts ever since I once woke up to see a man in white sports gear peeing in the corner of my room at university. He disappeared as soon I slapped the light switch on. Admittedly I was coming off of some anti-malaria medication, which stated hallucinations as a side effect, but nevertheless, the idea of ghosts invisibly doing mundane, everyday tasks in our homes has both tickled and disturbed me.


‘Home Sweet Home’: Angela Dalinger and Nicholas Stevenson joint solo exhibition
14th August – 11th September 2014
Atomica Gallery, 29 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9AP

Mon-Fri: 12pm-6pm
Sat: 12pm-5pm
Sun: 12pm-4pm

Opening Reception Thursday 14th August, 6-9pm

rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/289176981285744