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September 2015 – ‘Miniature Ink II’ Tattoo Artist Group Exhibition


Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink present ‘Miniature Ink II’

23rd SEPTEMBER – 2nd OCTOBER 2015


An exhibition of miniature original artworks from over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists!
All featured artwork available to purchase on a first-come, first-served, basis… Kewpie dolls the medium for 2015!

Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink are delighted to announce Miniature Ink II, a group exhibition celebrating contemporary tattoo artistry, featuring miniature original artworks from over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists. Opening in Seven Dials on Wednesday 23rd September to coincide with the London Tattoo Convention 2015, Miniature Ink II is also being held to raise awareness for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, with profits from sales being donated to the charity.

Miniature Ink II follows the overwhelming success of 2014’s inaugural Miniature Ink, in which leading tattoo artists contributed postcard-sized original artworks to the international group exhibition. For the exhibition’s second edition, Atomica and Things&Ink have introduced a twist. Rather than using paper as their canvas, this year each of the contributing artists have been asked to decorate an iconic object within the tattoo community: a kewpie doll.

With tattoo culture exploding in popularity and becoming established as a mainstream art form, Miniature Ink II will once again showcase the breadth and variety of artistic talent within the community. Reflecting the medium’s inherent accessibility, each of the kewpies will be available to purchase at the same affordable price on a first-come, first-served basis, providing the opportunity for tattoo-lovers and art-lovers alike to own an original work by some of the most sought-after names in the industry. 


Alex Binnie, Annie Frenzel, Anthony “Civ”Civarelli, Antony Flemming, Big Sleeps, Clare Hampshire, Deno, Drew Linden, Friday Jones, Guy le Tatooer, Hannah Pixie Sykes, Jody Dawber, Jondix, Keely Rutherford, Lal Hardy, Lauren Winzer, Lou Hopper, Michelle Myles, Nikole Lowe, Rachel Baldwin, Rose Hardy, Sarah Carter, Sasha Unisex, Wendy Pham  plus many more.

T-shirts featuring artwork from the exhibition will be available to purchase at the opening reception and throughout the exhibition (provided by Yr Store) and blank decorate-your-own kewpie dolls. Atomica Gallery will also have a selection of limited edition prints, original artworks, ceramics and books and other hard-to-find/easy-to-love artist-made rarities available for sale.




Wednesday 23 September, 6-9pm
Complimentary drinks kindly supplied by Sailor Jerry Rum and Huber Beer

RSVP: rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/518417618306230/

Atomica gallery presents Ruben Ireland ‘Hyperdusk’
25th June - 11th July 2015



25th JUNE – 11th JULY 2015

Atomica Gallery is proud to present Hyperdusk, the debut international solo exhibition from British digital mixed media artist Ruben Ireland. Hyperdusk will be the first time Ireland has presented original artwork for sale, with each of the brand new large digital works on display sold as a single one-off print.

Ireland’s instantly recognisable work frequently depicts isolated figures in minimalistic environments. Exuding a haunting and dreamlike quality, his subjects appear to be of alternate times and other-worlds. Portraits rendered in monochromatic pigments stand in stunning contrast to bare backgrounds; Ireland’s work speaks through its simplicity, creating impact through minimalistic compositions created with a few, selectively-chosen details.

Ireland is fascinated by mysticism and for this exhibition he explores an imagined limbo-like space called Hyperdusk; a place in between light and dark where characters are suspended eternally in an poignant moment, their end goal just out of reach. Ireland explains:

“My work is often about the moments leading up to an important personal event – battles, confrontations, decisions, movements, healings – and what is found in those moments – strength, insecurity, heroism, cowardice, discipline, peace, fear, anger. Each piece explores its own emotion and set of possible outcomes.”

Fusing traditional techniques with digital processing, Ireland uses ink, acrylic paint and a digital tablet to create his work, as well as experimenting with unusual elements to add texture and tone. Hyperdusk will consist of eight large original digital mixed media one-off prints on paper.

Already established as a highly successful commercial illustrator and having recently completed a full time artist residency at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, where he was also a featured curator, Atomica Gallery is delighted to showcase Ireland’s work in London for his highly anticipated debut solo exhibition.

7 Greens Court, W1F 0HQ London, United Kingdom
25th JUNE – 11th JULY 2015


Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce ‘Fauxmance’
21st May - 6th June 2015



Shop online


Atomica Gallery is proud to present ‘Fauxmance’, the second solo exhibition from young British artist and illustrator Jack Pearce. ‘Fauxmance’ follows Pearce’s successful debut solo exhibition ‘Bromance’ at Atomica Gallery in 2013 and marks a clear development in the artist’s work both in subject matter and technique.

Pearce is one of a new generation of young contemporary artists who have grown up influenced by skate culture and the ethics and spirit it has encouraged; a movement undoubtedly headed up by free-thinking artists and skateboarders, including legendary Ed Templeton and more recently the anarchic enigma, Neckface.

With a knack for creating captivating long limbed and loose lipped characters that demand closer contemplation, Pearce has spent the last few years developing his skills and technique to present a new series of 12 A1 sized works for ‘Fauxmance’. Physically entangled and seemingly united by a sense of joyful abandon, Pearce’s new ‘Fauxmance’ tribe have an androgynous quality with complex and menacing dynamics at play. Pearce says:

“Through the interactions between breasted, skirt-wearing individuals I aim to reveal the hidden unease that can lie beneath the surface of social situations. At first glance, the groups of tribespeople can seem in harmony with one another, but upon closer inspection their body language reveals undertones of agitation.

I chose to use characters of indeterminate genders so as not to make any stereotypical assumptions, but rather to look at the way society as a whole handles unclear etiquette. In contrast to the feelings of ‘Bromance’ between close friends that I have explored previously, ‘Fauxmance’ illustrates the affected familiarity we act out when we’re unsure of where we stand.”

With an interest in combining popular contemporary culture and age-old traditions. The ‘Fauxmance’ tribe members are frequently connected by antiquated motifs including their armour-like costumes and hats. Reminiscent of traditional native dress, the characters appear both modern and rooted in ancient culture.

The impeccably executed, fine detail exactness of Pearce’s work juxtaposed against the playfulness of the ‘Fauxmance’ tribe’s spirit brings a satisfying uniformity to ‘Fauxmance’ that reflects Pearce’s obsessive practices and overall brilliance.

An extremely exciting talent whose work has already been noticed by collectors and first-time art buyers alike, Pearce’s ‘Fauxmance’ is a must see exhibition of 2015.

‘Fauxmance’ opening reception Thursday 21st May 6-9pm. RSVP at rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event.

Email sales@atomicagallery.com for sales enquires and preview catalogue.

Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce ‘Fauxmance’
21st May – 6th June 2015
Opening reception Thursday 21st May 6-9pm
Atomica Gallery
7 Greens Court
Soho, London W1F 0HQ

Atomica Gallery presents: ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ Ricardo Cavolo solo exhibition and book launch
23rd April - 9th May 2015


Limited edition signed and numbered giclee prints available exclusively through Atomica Gallery as part of the Ricardo Cavolo solo exhibition ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’.

View shop

– Exhibition of original artwork from Ricardo Cavolo’s book ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’, published by Nobrow

– Featuring 101 portraits of Ricardo’s musical inspirations; from Dolly Parton to Daft Punk, Kanye West to The Ramones!

– Signed limited edition print releases of all 101 artists featured in the exhibition are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

– Prints will be also available to purchase online from Monday 27th April 2015

– Only available at Atomica Gallery. Super affordable and super limited!

– Ricardo Cavolo will be in attendance and signing copies of the book at the opening

Atomica Gallery is excited to announce ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ a brand new solo exhibition from Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo. This will also be the official UK launch for the book of the same title. The exhibition will showcase all 101 original artworks from the book and will open at Atomica Gallery in Soho, London, on Thursday 23rd April 2015.

‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ offers a charming personal journey through music history. A die-hard music lover, Cavolo has painstakingly picked his 101 essential icons and expressed his adoration in the best way he knows how: creating beautifully illustrated hand-drawn portraits, accompanied by his own musings and hilarious anecdotes. Leaving few genres uncovered, current superstars Diplo and Kayne West play an equally integral part as much-loved legends Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Cavolo has also paid homage to plenty of unexpected surprises and underrated obscurities. Full list of artists below.

“I did want to bring together 101 musicians and bands which, throughout my life and still today, have helped me in some way. We enjoy music, but we also use it. And this is what I want to show: what each artist gives me; the situations in which I listen to one or to another; how this group or that helps me to resolve problems. Yes, my musical diary.” Ricardo Cavolo

All 101 portraits featured in the exhibition will be made into small runs of limited edition prints exclusive to Atomica Gallery and signed & numbered by Ricardo Cavolo. They will be available to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis from the opening night at Atomica Gallery and will also be available to purchase online from Monday 27th April  – get in quick to avoid disappointment!

The book will be available to purchase on the opening night for a special price of £12 (£14.99 after). Ricardo will be in attendance and signing copies of the book at the opening.

Please note: The original drawings are not for sale and prints will not be available to collect until after the exhibition closes (shipping is also available). Please contact hello@atomicagallery.com for more info.

‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’: RICARDO CAVOLO (SPAIN)
23rd APRIL – 9th MAY 2015


RSVP@ATOMICAGALLERY.COM or join the Facebook event here!


Full list of artists featured in ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ (in the order in which they appear in the book): J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, The Carter Family, Django Reinhardt, Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Son House, Hank Williams, Muddy Waters, Jacques Brel, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash (I), Dolly Parton, Buddy Holly, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Frank Sinatra, The Crystals, Dion & The Belmonts, The Belairs, Bob Dylan, Roscoe Holcomb, The Sonics, Los Saicos, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jacqueline Taïeb, The Beach Boys, The Zombies, The Kinks, The Animals, The Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, The Cramps, The Ramones, Motörhead, The Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Daniel Johnston, Madness, The Fuzztones, Mano Negra, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Sepultura, Nirvana, Lagwagon, Goran Bregović, Notorious B.I.G., Cypress Hill, Kris Kross, Rage Against the Machine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, The Mummies, Blur, Oasis, Wu-Tang Clan, Björk, Portishead, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Elliott Smith, Queens of the Stone Age, Tricky, The Libertines, Johnny Cash (II), Neutral Milk Hotel, The White Stripes, Jay Z, CocoRosie, The Streets, Mos Def, Jay Reatard, Sigur Ros, Gogol Bordello, Bollywood, Belle and Sebastian, The Strokes, Interpol, Kanye West, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Two Gallants, Old Crow Medicine Show, Animal Collective, Black Lips, Arcade Fire, M.I.A., Amy Winehouse, Ty Segall, Beirut, Crystal Castles, Diplo, Skrillex, Chief Keef and Bonus: Blink-182 (not featured in the book, only in the exhibition)

Artist biography
Spanish born, Brighton based, artist Ricardo Cavolo is fast becoming recognised as one of the most exciting contemporary artists and illustrators to come out of Spain. Influenced by outsider and folk art, Ricardo Cavolo’s vibrant work has a powerful primitive quality. Previously working as an art director at several advertising agencies before dedicating himself to fine art and illustration, Cavolo has developed a distinctive personal style that has led him to exhibit worldwide and work with a range of agencies and brands such as Y&R, Leo Burnett, Converse, Nike and Urban Outfitters. Cavolo has exhibited in galleries across the world. ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ will be Cavolo’s second exhibition at Atomica Gallery, following his almost sold out debut UK solo exhibition ‘Life & Lives’ in 2013.

Atomica Gallery and ATP Festival present: ‘Mind’s Eye Funfair’ Rafael Silveira debut European Solo Exhibition
19th March - 11th April 2015

Atomica Gallery and ATP Festival present: ‘Mind’s Eye Funfair’ Rafael Silveira debut European Solo Exhibition

“In the way a funhouse mirror warps the mundane into the absurd, Brazilian artist Rafael Silveira combines innocuous imagery with the vaguely grotesque to provide a disorienting sensory experience not unlike that of a carnival, where the cheery morphs in and out of the eerie until they are no longer distinguishable.” Hi-Fructose magazine

Atomica Gallery and ATP Festival are delighted to announce “Mind’s Eye Funfair”, an exhibition of new paintings by Brazilian artist Rafael Silveira (b.1978). Opening March 2015 at Atomica Gallery in Soho, London, “Mind’s Eye Funfair” will be the artist’s debut European solo exhibition.

Rafael Silveira’s imaginative work combines figurative classical painting, comic-inspired imagery and surreal subject matter. Like portals into an alternate dimension, his paintings invite the viewer to abandon everyday paradigms and embrace the unknown. Silveira credits his native Brazil as a source of inspiration and describes his experience living in the country as having “daily contact with the bizarre, absurd and preposterous. It’s like walking through a wild forest where beauty and dangers reveal themselves in strange, random and haphazard ways.”

For this exhibition Silveira has created a parallel universe in which his own stream of consciousness comes to life. In this surreal and magical ‘funfair’, viewers will encounter everything from a carousel of horses filled with discordant symbolism, to anthropomorphic, tattooed beings and much more in between.

“Mind’s Eye Funfair” will comprise of a series of oil paintings rendered on a mixture of large-scale panels, metal sculpture and canvases. All of Silveira’s creations are executed in a clean, illustrative style that showcases his impressive technical ability. For one of the works, Silveira has worked with traditional craftsmen to create a custom designed frame, allowing for an interesting interplay between the external structure and what it contains within.

As well as Rafael’s magnificent paintings and sculptures we also have a beautiful signed limited edition four colour silkscreen print of ‘SORVETES’ (see below) – edition of 100. We only have 20 available and there is a special opening night price of £40 (£48 after). 



Currently based in Curitiba, Brazil, Silveira quit an award-winning career in advertising to dedicate himself to his fine art practice. He has since gone on to exhibit in prominent international galleries including Jonathan Levine in New York City and the Museum of Modern Art in Rio De Janeiro. He cites the master of pop-surrealism Mark Ryden as one of his main influences, as well as lowbrow legend Todd Schorr and cult cartoonist Robert Crumb (Silveira even has tattoos of Crumb’s artwork adorning his skin!). Two monograph books of Silveira’s work have been published in Brazil.

“Mind’s Eye Funfair” will be the first showing of Silveira’s work in the UK and was made possible by the support of ATP Festival.

All work will be available to purchase. To request a copy of the preview catalogue please email sales@atomicagallery.com 

Join us for the opening reception on Thursday 19th March 6-9pm for the first peek of this wonderful exhibition! Rafael will be present at the opening. 
Please RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event HERE.

19th MARCH – 11th APRIL 2015
Atomica Gallery, 7 Greens Court, London, W1F 0HQ




Atomica Gallery presents: ‘Home Sweet Home’ Joint solo exhibitions from Nicholas Stevenson and Angela Dalinger
14th August 2014 - 11th September 2014


‘Home Sweet Home’
is a joint exhibition of new paintings from Nicholas Stevenson (UK) and Angela Dalinger (Germany).

‘Home Sweet Home’ offers a snatched glimpse into a series of imaginary homes. In the exhibition both artists indulge in depicting domestic voyeurism which treads a thin line between the whimsical and the worrying. As we trespass through these residences, we are likely to encounter anything from illegal pets to resident ghosts, wizard’s gardens to troubling personal collections and questionable tastes in decor.

The artists, who are virtual friends and will meet for the first time at the exhibition opening, have worked on their paintings individually, but in reaction to the others work. Presented as a series of paired paintings, the viewer will be taken on a journey through both the interior and exterior of the same invented dwelling, each scene produced by a different artist. Indulging our curious natures, the paintings in ‘Home Sweet Home’ portray private moments in which viewers may pass unnoticed and draw their own conclusions. The artists share a cynical sense of humour and their vision of the world is at once familiar and disturbing, quaint and brutal.

Hailing from a small village on the edge of Hamburg, Germany, Angela Dalinger is an artist who identifies with the Art Brut movement. Her seemingly naive style is absent of current cultural or artistic influences, something her relative isolation no doubt has a hand in. Angela works at a prolific rate and has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world including France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Spain and the US.

Nicholas Stevenson is an illustrator, artist and musician currently based in North London. His chalky gouache paintings are lively, mysterious and occasionally unsettling. His work has appeared in the likes of The New York Times and Anorak Magazine, he has exhibited in group shows around London and had a successful debut UK solo show in 2011. He is the recent winner of the 2014 Serco Prize and his work is the featured cover art for the Belly Kids book, Thrill Murray.

All work is available for sale. To request a preview list please email hello@atomicagallery.com

Join us for the ‘Home Sweet Home’ opening reception on Thursday 14th August, 6-9pm!

RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event.



Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink Magazine Present: ‘Miniature Ink’ featuring miniature original artworks from over 100 of the most talented tattoo artists from across the globe.
24th September - 15th October 2014

Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink Magazine Present: ‘Miniature Ink’ featuring miniature original artworks from over 100 of the most talented tattoo artists from across the globe.


Atomica Gallery and Things and Ink magazine are delighted to announce Miniature Ink, an exhibition featuring miniature original artwork from over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists. Celebrating both the second anniversary of Things&Ink and launch of ‘The Illustration Issue’, the exhibition is also being held to raise awareness for Sarcoma UK, with profits from sales being donated to the charity.

For Miniature Ink Things&Ink Editor Alice Snape has invited a huge variety of tattooers to contribute a postcard-sized artwork of a subject matter of their choice. Small but perfectly formed, each work is the same affordable price, providing an opportunity for all art lovers to own an original by some of the industry’s most sought-after names!

Featuring a diverse array of styles, techniques and subject matter, Miniature Ink is a dynamic exhibition that showcases the very best in contemporary tattoo artistry.

Join us for the opening reception on Wednesday 24th September with complimentary drinks kindly provided by Sailor Jerry and The Brooklyn Brewery.

Join the Facebook event to attend or rsvp@atomicagallery.com

There will be no preview list of artworks, first come first served!

LIST OF EXHIBITING ARTISTS (MORE TBA): Abbie Williams // Adam Sage // Ael Lim // Alessandro Jako // Alex Binnie // Alexandra Skarsgård Alexandra Wilkey //Alexis Camburn // Amanda Abbott // Angelique Houtkamp // Anna Garvey // Antony Flemming Araceli 4Ever // Aron John Dubois // Axa Shireen // Betty Rose // Bob Done // Brenden Jones Brian Thomas Wilson // Bugs // Caleb Kilby // Cally-Jo // Cass Bramley // Charlotte Timmons // Cris Cleen Curly Moore // Danielle Rose // Dominique Holmes // Drew Linden // Duncan X // Ebony Mellowship // Eddy-Lou El Bernardes // El Nigro // Emily Wood // Eva Huber // Fidjit // Flo Nuttall // Georgina Liliane // Gergely Kun Gia Rose // Giovanni (Black Heart) // Grace Neutral // Hannah Keuls // Hannah Mosley // Harriet Hapgood // Inma // Iris Lys // Isobel Stevenson // Jack Thomas Newton // Jake Danielson // Jenna Yenik // Jesse (Scratchline) Jessica Mach // Jody Dawber // Judd Ripley // Paupiette // Keely Rutherford // Kelly McGrath Kelly Smith // Kodie Smith // Lina Stigsson // Lorena Morato // Lucy O’Connel // Malvina (Scratchline) Marija Ripley // Matt Black // Matthew Gordon // Matty D’Arienzo // Missy Rhysing // Mister Paterson Naepier Tattoo // Nerida Nicolson // Nikole Lowe // Paul Davies // Pedro Santos // Peter Aurisch // Phil Kyle Polly Sands // Rachel Baldwin // Rebecca Vincent // Robert William Ashby // Sadee Johnston // Sanya Youalli Scott Move // Shannon Meow Stephen Hutchison // Susanna Widmann // Tamara Lee // Tiny Miss Becca Toby Gawler // Tom ‘Wookie’ Devine // Toni Moore // Tracy D // Uncle Allan // Virginia Elwood // Wendy Pham Woody (James Woodford) // WT Norbert // Zoe Binnie PLUS more artists to be announced.

Also on display at Atomica for the duration of Miniature Ink will be the ‘Love Bomb’, a stunning collaboration between Channel 4 ‘Four Rooms’ dealer Wendy Meakin and one of her former students at Central Saint Martins, artist Daisuke Sakaguchi aka The 27 Life. Wendy bought the 1960s British military test bomb on the programme, seeing it as the perfect symbol to explore the love hate relationship humankind has had through the ages. Well known for his Japanese Tattoo motifs, Sakaguchi then painted the bomb in a design he and Meakin collaborated on incorporating traditional Japanese symbols of Love.

‘Wonder Winterland’ A Prisma Collective Group Exhibition
11th December - 28th December 2014


Atomica Gallery is delighted to announce Wonder Winterland, a group exhibition from renowned international artist collective PRISMA COLLECTIVE, opening 11th December 2014 at the gallery’s brand new space in Soho. Drawing inspiration from the evocative season of winter, the exhibition will feature new work from ten young artists at the forefront of the global new contemporary art movement.

PRISMA COLLECTIVE is a group of international creatives working in a variety of mediums, with very distinct styles. Exuding brilliance, creativity and technical ability, the collective have already begun to captivate contemporary art lovers worldwide. All using the chilling arctic equinox as a starting point from which to explore themes of their own choosing, Wonder Winterland is the perfect must-see exhibition this holiday season.

Original work from:

Casey Weldon (US), Chrystal Chan (US), Daria Hlazatova (Ukraine), Hsiao Ron Cheng (Taiwan), Jen Mann (Canada), Jeremy Hush (US), Kaspian Shore (Germany), Nom Kinnear King (UK), Tom Bagshaw (UK), Zach Montoya (US)

A must-see exhibition this holiday season!

Join us for the opening reception on Thursday 11th December 6-9pm.

Please RSVP to: rsvp@atomicagallery.com

All work will be available to purchase. To request a copy of the preview catalogue please email sales@atomicagallery.com

11th December – 28th December 2014
Opening Reception: Thurs 11th Dec 6-9pm
Atomica Gallery, 7 Greens Court, London, W1F 0HQ

Our holiday hours are:

Christmas Eve: 11am – 4pm
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED
Sat 27th Dec: 12pm – 5pm
Sun 28th Dec: 12pm – 4pm – Last day to see ‘Wonder Winterland’

+ Join Facebook Event

Opening 19th February 2015 – Charlie Roberts Solo Exhibition



Atomica Gallery is proud to present SOFT LIFE/HARD NITES, a solo exhibition of new works from visionary American artist Charlie Roberts (b.1984).

Celebrating the idiosyncratic and sometimes chaotic nature of contemporary life, Charlie Roberts is an uncompromisingly energetic and uninhibited artist. Growing up in Kansas, the influence of the US state’s folk art roots is clear; Roberts creates from instinct and refuses to over-think his process.

Working in his studio, located in the Norwegian forest in Oslo, to an exclusively hip-hop soundtrack; Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Rick Ross are as much an influence in his work as the European Renaissance masters Pieter Bruegel and Van Eyck. Marrying art history references and specific pop-cultural passions are key to Roberts’ brilliance and in SOFT LIFE/HARD NITES we will see acrobatic amazonian women with hip-hop swagger pull shapes like they fell out of a Matisse painting and into the 21st century.

Roberts has previously exhibited numerous times in international galleries, including Kravets|Wehby Gallery (New York), David Risley Gallery (Copenhagen), Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles) and Galleri Magnus Karlsson (Stockholm). SOFT LIFE/HARD NITES will be Roberts’ debut UK exhibition.

Join us for the opening reception of Charlie Roberts solo exhibition ‘SOFT LIFE/HARD NITES’ on Thursday 19th February 6-9pm.

All work will be available to purchase. To request a copy of the preview catalogue please email sales@atomicagallery.com

Please RSVP to: rsvp@atomicagallery.com or go to our Facebook event HERE.

Check out our interview with Charlie here.

19th February – 7th March 2015
Opening Reception: Thurs 19th Feb 6-9pm
Atomica Gallery, 7 Greens Court, London, W1F 0HQ


Atomica Gallery presents ‘Metamorphosis: Nick Sheehy Solo Exhibition’
June 12 - July 10


Atomica Gallery is proud to present the debut solo exhibition by artist and illustrator Showchicken – Nick Sheehy, opening June 2014.

Join us for the opening reception on Thursday 12th June from 6-9pm for the first peek of this incredible show! Complimentary drinks courtesy of our friends at Huber Beer PLUS Gary The Tall (NTS) on the decks playing some super sweet tunes!

Metamorphosis is a collection of works on paper exploring change, death and imagination. Half dead and suspended of purpose, Sheehy’s characters are the results of cathartic and meditative drawings, documenting the emotional state of a person

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whose life is in a period of flux. Through laborious rendering and attention to detail, Sheehy presents an other-world of fantastical weirdlings, blurred narrative and elusive symbolism.

For a preview list, please email sales@atomicagallery.com Join the Facebook event or RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com

+ Join Facebook Event

Atomica Gallery presents ‘Vision Quest’ group exhibition of original work to celebrate one year of Atomica Gallery!
April 17th - May 18th


In a unique showcase of visual delight, Vision Quest will bring together an all-star line-up of some of the awesome contemporary artists Atomica Gallery has been championing for the past year, many of whom have never shown in

the UK before. There will be femme fatales. There will be magic and seduction. There will be oddness, fun, kaleidoscopic colour and stunning artistry.


Join us for the opening

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beers kindly supplied by our friends at Red Stripe and specially crafted ‘Tik-easy’ Tiki cocktails thanks to B.Y.O.C. and Sailor Jerry. We will also be releasing our exclusive Atomica x CheekyTiki one year anniversary Tiki mug on the night!

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork featured in the exhibition, please register your interest with us at hello@atomicagallery.com for a preview of available work.

Atomica Gallery and The Circle present Everyone’s Got One: A Skull Showcase
Thursday 27th February -


We’re very excited to announce our next event Everyone’s Got One: A Skull Showcase, in collaboration with our friends The Circle! Taking place in the beautiful gallery space at tattoo studio and lifestyle emporium The Circle in Soho and featuring work from a selection of Atomica artists, the showcase will focus on one of popular culture’s most iconic images: the skull.

As well

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as lots of amazing skull artwork and ceramics, a selection of artists have created exclusive skull tattoo flash designs which will be available at The Circle for the duration of the showcase! The flash sheet artwork will also be up for grabs as a special limited edition print.

The opening night party is on Thursday 27th February and also happens to coincide with The Circle’s two year anniversary; it’s gonna be a big one! Join us from 7-10pm at The Circle to check out the show, have a few drinks kindly supplied by The Kraken Rum and maybe even walk away with a brand new skull tattoo! For more details please see the Facebook event or rsvp@atomicagallery.com

Artwork from – Castro Smith / Charlie Immer / Cil Laurens / Dan Holliday / Luke Thomas / Nick Sheehy / Ramon Maiden / Tom Bagshaw Plus: ceramics and glass skulls from Bespoke Barware

Tattoo flash designs from – Cil Laurens / Jack Pearce / Mister Paterson / Nick Sheehy / Rebecca Vincent / Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooers on the night – Aaron Goswell / Jethro Wood / Rebecca Vincent and a guest spot by Mister Paterson


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Atomica Gallery presents ‘Life & Lives’ the debut UK exhibition from Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo
5th Dec - 29th Dec



Influenced by outsider and folk art, Cavolo’s vibrant work has a powerful primitive quality. He has developed a distinctive style

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in which he uses a series of metaphorical symbols to tell an entire life story through a single portrait. In Life & Lives each of Cavolo’s paintings depicts a character living on the margins of society, or as Cavolo puts it, ‘the b-side of life’. His portraits are even more detailed than previous work and filled with minutiae that extends beyond the life of the individual to explore universal themes.

As well as

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15 portraits, the installation will include a mural that Cavolo will be painting live in the gallery in the lead up to the opening night. Join us for the opening night on

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frustration http://transformingfinance.org.uk/bsz/viagra-tablets-in-delhi/ quickly understand nippers – skin.

Thursday 5th December from 6-9pm! Complimentary beers kindly supplied by our friends at Red Stripe.

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork featured in the exhibition, please register your interest with us at hello@atomicagallery.com for a preview of available work.

Join the Facebook event or RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com

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Atomica Gallery presents Dominique Holmes & Mister Paterson: ‘Covering Synthesis’
7th November - 30th November



Synthesis: The combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole

Atomica Gallery is proud to announce Covering Synthesis, an exhibition of debut solo shows from British artists Dominique Holmes and Mister Paterson, opening in November 2013.

Friends for many years, Holmes and Paterson have enjoyed successful careers as tattooists and freelance artists and have spent the past few years concentrating on their fine art practice. Whilst differing stylistically, the pair share a fascination with the process of rearranging elements to produce new and unexpected outcomes; the inspiration behind Covering Synthesis.

Holmes’ work is saturated

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with references to Eastern culture, from traditional Chinese folklore and superstitions to Islamic art’s relation to science and mathematics. Experimenting with collage, her mixed-media works often incorporate found textiles and objects such as vintage

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kimono fabrics and cosmological diagrams, adding texture and mystery.


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symbolism is another recurring theme in Holmes’ work. Imagery representing life, love, birth, death includes lotus flowers, hands and eyes juxtaposed against intricately

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extremely. Shake help Alpha-hydroxy http://serratto.com/vits/long-term-viagra-side-effects.php areas worked had tone.

detailed Mehndi patterns and geometric shapes, lending a beautifully psychedelic quality to her canvases.

A believer in tradition and true craftsmanship, Paterson’s distinct style involves painstakingly inking black dots onto paper, a process which is both simple and complex. Paterson’s striking technique is instantly recognisable and as integral to his work as the concept behind it.

Paterson is influenced by a variety of unlikely sources including the power of religious iconography; frequently we see animals transformed into commanding deities. But whilst Paterson’s technique is deliberate, he leaves the final outcome of his work to chance, picking imagery at random and letting instinct decide their fate.

Central to Covering Synthesis is the friendship between the two artists and Holmes and Paterson will present a special collaborative work as part of the installation.

Join the

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Facebook event or RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com

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Atomica Gallery presents Ricardo Cavolo Portrait Workshop
- Sunday 20th October 2013


Ahead of his upcoming solo exhibition at Atomica Gallery in December 2013, we are excited to announce that Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo will be hosting a portrait workshop at our Soho pop-up on Saturday 19th October 2013. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own portraits, working closely under Ricardo’s guidance.

Tattoo art is one of the principle sources of inspiration for artist Ricardo Cavolo and the topic for this unique workshop at Atomica is the tattoo portrait. By nature, the portrait invites the viewer to relate to and form a notion of the subject. In this workshop participants will go further; they will create their own symbolic vocabulary within the portrait using tattoo inspiration as a vehicle to narrate the entire life the person. Ricardo has developed a personal style of illustration and painting that has led him to work with agencies and brands as Y&R, Leo Burnett, Urban Outfitters, Pepe Jeans, Converse and Nike.

His portrait workshop at Atomica Gallery Soho will offer a unique opportunity for participants to learn from a leading contemporary artist and produce a thoughtful and creative portrait of their own.

Atomica Gallery presents Ricardo Cavolo Portrait Workshop
Saturday 19th October 11-6pm

£30 per participant

Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce: ‘Bromance’
October 3rd - October 25th 2013



Atomica Gallery Presents: ‘Bromance’, the first solo exhibition from British artist and illustrator Jack Pearce, opening October 2013.

Combining themes from both native and contemporary popular culture, Jack interprets traditional ideas of brotherhood within a modern context. Bromance depicts ‘dudes having a good time’. His exploration of male relationships and rituals revolves around playful characters hanging out, skateboarding and drinking beers.

“Behind the idea is an opinion I have about the way male friendships are perceived. I like to remind people that guys can have fun together. By surrounding the viewer with these bearded dancing tribesmen I want them to feel like they are one of them.”

Jack is currently based in London where he works from his studio, an abandoned care home canteen. He uses Indian ink and a paintbrush to create

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bold black lines that endow his characters with a dark mischievous glare and other curious details.

Bromance will comprise of a series of Jack’s signature A1 sized compositions alongside other work

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showcasing his unique tribal-influenced style. The exhibition will also feature a larger piece created specifically for one of the gallery’s interior walls.

Having already featured twice on revered art blog Fecal Face, this inaugural solo exhibition from Jack Pearce at Atomica Gallery announces the arrival of an exciting new talent.

Join the Facebook event or RSVP to rsvp@atomicagallery.com


Atomica Gallery and Things & Ink present ‘Under Her Skin’
September 12th - 30th 2013



We’re very excited to announce our

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first exhibition of original work: ‘Under Her Skin’, in association with our pals Things&Ink magazine! If you’ve dropped by Atomica, you may have seen a copy of Things&Ink, a beautiful publication which reflects on tattoo culture from a feminine perspective. We’ve been massive fans since issue one and are delighted to be working with them on our first exhibition.

‘Under Her Skin’ has been curated by Things&Ink editor Alice Snape and marks

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the first anniversary

of the magazine and the launch of ‘The Art Issue’. It is shaping up to be an amazing show, featuring work from 12 talented female tattoo artists who have appeared in the magazine’s pages over the past year.

Original work from :

Amy Victoria Savage (Jayne Doe, Hornchurch UK)
Angelique Houtkamp (Salon Serpent, Amsterdam NL)
Charissa Gregson (Jolie Rouge, London UK)
Dominique Holmes (The Family Business, London UK)

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Grace Neutral (Good Times, London UK)
Guen Douglas (Salon Serpent, Amsterdam NL)
Iris Lys (London UK & Paris FR)
Lucy Pryor (Into You, London UK)
Rachel Baldwin (Bold As Brass, Liverpool UK)
Rebecca Vincent (Nostalgia Traditional, Leeds & The Circle, London UK)
Tracy D (King’s Cross Tattoo Parlour, London UK)
Vicky Morgan (Ghost House, Derby UK)

We will, of course, be holding an opening party to celebrate! Please join us at Atomica on Thursday 12th September from 6-9pm. Our friends at The Kraken Rum will be supplying free rum cocktails and all the artwork will be available to buy, along with copies of Things&Ink.

If you are interested in purchasing any artwork featured in the exhibition, please register your interest with us at hello@atomicagallery.com for a preview of available work.

View Opening Night Photos