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Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce ‘Fauxmance’
21st May - 6th June 2015



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Atomica Gallery is proud to present ‘Fauxmance’, the second solo exhibition from young British artist and illustrator Jack Pearce. ‘Fauxmance’ follows Pearce’s successful debut solo exhibition ‘Bromance’ at Atomica Gallery in 2013 and marks a clear development in the artist’s work both in subject matter and technique.

Pearce is one of a new generation of young contemporary artists who have grown up influenced by skate culture and the ethics and spirit it has encouraged; a movement undoubtedly headed up by free-thinking artists and skateboarders, including legendary Ed Templeton and more recently the anarchic enigma, Neckface.

With a knack for creating captivating long limbed and loose lipped characters that demand closer contemplation, Pearce has spent the last few years developing his skills and technique to present a new series of 12 A1 sized works for ‘Fauxmance’. Physically entangled and seemingly united by a sense of joyful abandon, Pearce’s new ‘Fauxmance’ tribe have an androgynous quality with complex and menacing dynamics at play. Pearce says:

“Through the interactions between breasted, skirt-wearing individuals I aim to reveal the hidden unease that can lie beneath the surface of social situations. At first glance, the groups of tribespeople can seem in harmony with one another, but upon closer inspection their body language reveals undertones of agitation.

I chose to use characters of indeterminate genders so as not to make any stereotypical assumptions, but rather to look at the way society as a whole handles unclear etiquette. In contrast to the feelings of ‘Bromance’ between close friends that I have explored previously, ‘Fauxmance’ illustrates the affected familiarity we act out when we’re unsure of where we stand.”

With an interest in combining popular contemporary culture and age-old traditions. The ‘Fauxmance’ tribe members are frequently connected by antiquated motifs including their armour-like costumes and hats. Reminiscent of traditional native dress, the characters appear both modern and rooted in ancient culture.

The impeccably executed, fine detail exactness of Pearce’s work juxtaposed against the playfulness of the ‘Fauxmance’ tribe’s spirit brings a satisfying uniformity to ‘Fauxmance’ that reflects Pearce’s obsessive practices and overall brilliance.

An extremely exciting talent whose work has already been noticed by collectors and first-time art buyers alike, Pearce’s ‘Fauxmance’ is a must see exhibition of 2015.

‘Fauxmance’ opening reception Thursday 21st May 6-9pm. RSVP at rsvp@atomicagallery.com or join the Facebook event.

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Atomica Gallery presents Jack Pearce ‘Fauxmance’
21st May – 6th June 2015
Opening reception Thursday 21st May 6-9pm
Atomica Gallery
7 Greens Court
Soho, London W1F 0HQ