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‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ Ricardo Cavolo prints now available online


Limited edition signed and numbered giclee prints available exclusively through Atomica Gallery as part of the Ricardo Cavolo solo exhibition ‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’.

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‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’ offers a charming personal journey through music history. A die-hard music lover, Cavolo has painstakingly picked his 101 essential icons and expressed his adoration in the best way he knows how: creating beautifully illustrated hand-drawn portraits, accompanied by his own musings and hilarious anecdotes. Leaving few genres uncovered, current superstars Diplo and Kayne West play an equally integral part as much-loved legends Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Cavolo has also paid homage to plenty of unexpected surprises and underrated obscurities.

“I did want to bring together 101 musicians and bands which, throughout my life and still today, have helped me in some way. We enjoy music, but we also use it. And this is what I want to show: what each artist gives me; the situations in which I listen to one or to another; how this group or that helps me to resolve problems. Yes, my musical diary.” – Ricardo Cavolo

‘101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die’: RICARDO CAVOLO (SPAIN)
23rd APRIL – 9th MAY 2015